About Boss Construction


I am a one man design, illustration & screen print show, based in Nashville, Tennessee since 2005. I design and print all my posters by hand. As a graduate of the design program at The University of Memphis, I wanted to avoid a corporate cubicle and focused instead on the freedom gig posters and freelance projects offered. Traveling across the country as well as around the Europe showing my work at galleries and massive music festivals keeps me busy when I’m not in the studio.I have worked for everyone from Kanye West to the identity and branding of The Warped Tour and projects with Luke Bryan and Chris Stapleton. I am also the President of The American Poster Institute and have been an active board member for the last 15 years. This work is my passion and I look forward to continuing for many more years. When I’m not working I am on the golf course or looking for a nice slice of pizza and a beer.

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