Back from Austin! Brain to be restored soon...

added: March 28th, 2010 -

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported my efforts in Austin for Flatstock once again. It was a massive success with lots of new opportunities on the horizon.

If you missed out on my Boombox Pillows don't worry. I am in the process of making more. I can't believe I sold every single one without even getting a deent shot for the site. Next batch I will document, I promise. Same goes for the Good Idea / Bad Idea notebooks. Each cover was one of a kind, derived from the stacks of test prints filled with a cool blue linen paper. So attractive and practical. Even everyone's favorite "Real Genius" star, Val Kilmer bought SIX of em! Again, I'll make more and post them on the site asap.

A new cover for the OC WEEKLY was just added to the illustration section if you wanna check that out. It's always fun working with those fine folks.

Projects with Warped Tour 2010, Willy Wonka and KIA Motors are all in the mix and hopefully I'll post some peeks soon. If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed some stuff here and there. If you're NOT following me, well, then, maybe you should?

Last but not least, Mr. Michael Eades has refreshed the news page as you can see and it's even more fun to stare at than ever before! New features like the Twitter feed and the Fresh from The Factory sections really warm the place up. You're welcome.