Next Big Nashville

added: October 08th, 2009 -

NBN09 is going on RIGHT NOW. As you guys may or may not know I did all the art, design, stage decor for anything and (mostly) everything NBN-centric and WOW what a culmination of 8 months of work.

Feel free to thank me by going out and supporting NBN by buying a wristband or SWEET all access VIP badge that will open LOTS and LOTS of doors, well worth the price of admission. ALL the FREE will offset ANY cost. Trust me. Go check out the details here: NEXT BIG NASHVILLE

Still awaiting final details on the duration / locale of the annual poster show at the Cannery AND I will be selling the Official Lucero Poster for their show at the Cannery tomorrow night at their merch table so stay tuned here or on my Twitter: BOSS TWATTIN'

Let's go Nashville. Lots of bands out there and they want to rock your faces off.

support your local music scene TODAY,