Hey all, a Lil Update for ya...

added: September 22nd, 2020 -

So I'm still unable to add new stuff to the site but what's up there is functioning so I'll take it.

To get to posters beyond the first page of thumbnails you have to manually click thru the images using the right / left arrows in the top right corner of the poster pages. It's a little annoying I apologize. Maybe it's time to redo the site. How exciting.

You can also go to the STORE button in the laft hand column and scroll thru thumbnails there. That's somethng.

I have been adding stuff to my Etsy site that has some sweet deals if you're missing poster booths at music festivals so feel free to head on over there and have a peruse.

I hope everyone is out there staying safe and getting by as best we can. DON'T FOGET TO GO VOTE!